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Testimonials for Velvet Peacock Designs

-Amy U.

I can’t even express it. It was waiting for me on my front door step when I returned from the festival on Saturday evening. I tore into it. OMG. I am STUNNED. It is a perfect fit. PERFECT. It fits my curves like a glove I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!!!! You did such a tremendous job – with my strange long torso – but it is STUNNING with my Domba.
Thank you so much!!!!

The bra is BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT!!! I could not ask for more.

IT’S PERFECT!!! You really are an artist! Both items are unbelievably lovely!
-Jeanne M.

It fits PERFECTLY and I love it!! The bra is so lovely and I've gotten many compliments on it.

The clothes have arrived and I just wanted to thank you. They're totally amazing!! They're so elegant and I feel so good in them! I truly adore them. They're even better than I expected! Moreover the shipment was really fast!

I cannot believe how gorgeous everything is!! You are amazing. I'm definitely keeping an eye on your website (especially the sale section!) and wearing your pins with pride! Thank you so much!!

Thanks again for the rush job. I've ordered from other vendors before, but you're the fastest. Great service, great product!

I have received the shipment and I must say I am more than glad to have chosen you for service. The vest feels absolutely wonderful and the coin bra is gorgeous. It means even more to me that you thought to add some extra coins and fringe. Thank you so much for working with me and I hope to do business with you again in the future!

In short--wow! Your garments are INSANELY GORGEOUS and feel as good to wear as they look! The skirt moves and shimmers like a dream. The coat fits like a glove, and the metal findings are so nice and substantial and decadently rich! They're a perfect match for my heavy metal belts, bras and necklaces. I love how you subtly finished the edges of the satin ruffles and silky sleeves with black thread - it defines the edges and shapes like an ink line drawing would. Overall, I am just delighted to have such lovely garments in my wardrobe; they are inspiring new movement ideas every time I put them on. And after all the tinkering I've had to do on garments I've made for myself, I am amazed that you were able to make such close fits with no actual body to test them out on. Very impressive! Thanks so much, and best wishes for a happy holiday season! I hope you get all that you wish for, like I just have!
-Sincerely, Sharon

Thank you for great customer service. The coin bra fit beautifully and the performance got a lot of good feed back. Thanks for helping me with the bra size with such little time. I look forward to shopping at your website for future needs.
-Sincerely, Pamela

Got my things today, love it, love it, love it. Everything is so beautiful. The blouse is amazing. You are creative, talented and very beautiful, and your work shows it.

I got my costume today. It is beautiful and fits wonderful. My boyfriend’s mouth dropped open when I modeled it for him. Thank you
-Laura A

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that I got the belt I ordered from you. It is absolutely beautiful! And the fit is perfect! I practiced in it on Sunday afternoon and I believe it's the best belt I have now!
Thanks so much!
-Jane W.

I performed at Dickens in Galveston, TX during December and I received many complements on the costume. Thanks for doing such a great job!
-Dianna R.

Hello! First off, I'd like to say that I absolutely love everything you have to offer in your store. Everything is so beautiful! I know I keep singing your praises, but after looking at your products, they certainly have set a very high bar.
Courtney C.

I wore my new tassel belt that I bought from you earlier this month. It was the talk of the night at our class!! Everyone there loved it and wanted to know where I got it. They said it was so unique (which is one reason I love it so much!). By the way, I would like to say that your merchandise is the most beautiful I have ever seen! It is very unique and simply gorgeous.
Take care and thank you for all your help

I wanted to let you know that I received my order, and I absolutely love it. You did a fabulous job and I can't wait to wear it to my dinner show. Thank you so much!
-Allison P.

I just wanted to let you know that the costume arrived today and it's absolutely gorgeous. I'll try to send a picture of me all dressed up for my performance so you can see how nicely it fits and shines. Thanks again for all your hard work.

I ordered a vest through Tristen and she was a great person to deal with. The vest I received works great and looks stunning; I was the talk of class because of Tristen. If you have anything in mind all you need to do is talk to her and she will work with you up to the point when she sends the article to you. It was a pleasure and I will always recommend her to anyone.
-Erik "Khaled" F.

When you wear Velvet Peacock Designs you are taken to another time and place! You are reminded that you are a Goddess! Embrace the Goddess within! Adorn yourself with sensational lushness. Highly recommended for ALL women
-Kim R

I am a student in fashion design and have a passion for the SCA and everything belly dance. I wish to someday own my own business and make such fine things as you do and be as successful. You have inspired me and reaffirmed that I too can be successful doing what I love. Thank you.
-Sincerely, Rebecca

The coat and bra came this afternoon!  WOW!    I can't tell you how exquisite they are.  Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my shimmy heart.   You are amazing.  They fit so perfect and feel so beautiful.
-Betty :)

I received the coin bra Wednesday, what a lovely surprise!  Thank you for rushing is so beautiful, and fits perfectly.  I was checking out costumes at Rakkasah last week, and so many of them have the thin fake coins, and they just don't have any character or authenticity.  Your costumes blow them away!

I stumbled across your website this evening and almost choked. Your pieces are stunning!  Exquisite!  The cut and construction of your designs are my idea of perfect; your sumptuous fabric choices are the 
icing on the cake. I may be a novice dancer, but I'm an expert web- searcher.  I've looked at a ton of other belly dance design sites. Velvet Peacock has the most gorgeous pieces I've seen.

I love my cloak!!!!!  THANK YOU!!!  It's the perfect amount of material to actually dance in...Not too heavy, but heavy enough. The length is perfect for my size... as well as the neckline. Thank you so 
much!!!! Hugs and shimmies.

The first thing that happened when I took the bra out was I literally lost my breath. It was that shockingly amazing, so delicately wrapped in the pantaloons. I put it on and I felt comfortable, confident, elegant, and well, sexy. The bra could not be fitted better, and the pantaloons are mystifying. There is so much fabric! And of course, the first thing that drew me to them, they are fitted to avoid chafing yet aren't so tight as to restrict movement in any way. Thank you so much for the quality and passion that you put into every piece, and most of all, the personal attention that you have given throughout this process. It is much appreciated to have a seamstress/designer that 
keeps frequent communication and is punctual with responses, and it is not just about business.

The belt and vest are absolutely gorgeous! You did an amazing job matching the fabric on the belt with my turquoise skirt. Everything fits like a glove.

I recently bought a set of clothes from you and...They are sooooo beautiful!!!!!!! I wish there was some way to show you how grateful I am for these items. I don't think anything I say would do the job justice though. Thanks for the clothes and for the good service.

The dress and ghawazee coat I bought were absolutely stunning. I got married in them in Scotland last month and I wanted to say Thank you!

I just received my package and all I can say is…”WOW! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE EVERYTHING!”  I don’t know how you did it, but every single thing fits me perfectly and is so incredibly gorgeous on! I love all of the tiny details and the fabric is just so mouth watering and very 
comfortable to boot. Thank you so much for having such excellent taste in materials and design. I will certainly cherish this costume for many years to come!

Both items arrived today….they are like artwork! The fabrics are very rich, the detail is exquisite & I can tell they were made Love!
-Jenny Z

A note to let you know the Blue Velvet Cloak arrived yesterday.  It is a beautiful, a gorgeous creation and I absolutely love it! Very elegant!

I have to say that I'm in love with the quality and care that goes into the beautiful clothing that you make. My mother was very impressed. The clothing fitted me like a fine leather glove. It made 
my day coming home to this special treat. Finally, beautiful dance wear that fits a short person well.
-Griz =P

Some of our Customers

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Mouthwatering tribal bellydance and gypsy costumes made with vivid contrasts of color and texture, where you can build an ensemble out of individual pieces: blouses, coin bras, huuuuuge circle skirts, belts that drip tassels and fringe, and even a little bit of gothy velvet eveningwear.



Soraya, in a Ghawazee Coat and Tribal Tassel Skirt
Soraya in a Ghawazee Coat &
Custom Made Tribal Tassel Skirt

Tallulah in a Velvet Dress
Tallulah, in a Custom Made Velvet Dress

Chase, formerly of Troupe Yaleil, in a Coin Bra, Pantaloons & Hip Shawl
Chase formerly of Troupe Yaleil, in a custom
made Coin Bra, Pantaloons & Hip Shawl

Angela Flores, in a Ghawazee Coat with a Domba Bra.
Angela Flores, in a custom designed
Ghawazee Coat with a Domba Bra.

Custom made 2 layer circle skirt

The Sky and its stars Make Music to you, The sun and the moon praise you, The gods exalt you The goddesses sing to you



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