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Due to our recent sabbatical taken late winter through Spring to finalize our web site updates, all order received as of June 2008 will be filled sometime this summer. We are currently not taking any rush orders! Please do not inquire about or try to order garments not yet updated with paypal “Add to Cart” buttons! Check back with us at a sooner than later date for those items.

Thank You for your continued support and patience! All other inquiries are welcome.

Welcome to Velvet Peacock Designs! Lush, decadent & sexy customizable costumes, designed so that you can build an ensemble out of individual pieces to create a personalized color palette and look. Dedicated to uplifting the feminine spirit through luxurious sultry fabrics, rich vivid colors, & fine, regal & exquisite designs. Tribal Bellydance Costumes, Gypsy Fashions, Sumptuous Ghawazee Coats, Gypsy Pirate Costumes, Medieval Costumes and Classic Timeless Velvet Fashions; Coin Bras, Tribal Tassel Belts, Fringe Belts, Velvet Cholis, Velvet Hip Shawls, Pantaloons, Long Gypsy Skirts, Gypsy Tops, Turkish Vests, Lined Cloaks & Capes, & more fine Velvet Fashions. Everything is hand made in Maui, Hawaii, USA.



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