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Gypsy Fashions

Music by: Qntal
“The Whyle”

Original Designs by Tristen Noel, inspired from timeless fashions, luminous colors, luxurious textures and the sacred songs and dances of the ages. Some of the finest, most luxurious and regal designs produced for the Tribal Belly Dancer, Sacred Dancer, Folkloric Belly Dancer, Fusion Belly Dancer, Tribal Gypsy Belly Dancer, Woman Pirate, the lovely SCA Ladies and Fair Folk, the Magick Ones, all those in between & for those who simply have a good eye and an exquisite sense of style.

Be embraced by Velvety Peacock Yummyness! Classy, decadent, sexy and elegant Ghawazee Coats, Coin Bras, Tribal Tassel Belts, Fringe Belts, Velvet Cholis, Velvet Hip Shawls, Pantaloons, Long Gypsy Skirts, Gypsy Tops, Turkish Vests, Lined Cloaks & more fine Velvet Fashions.





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