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Gypsy Fashions

Music by: Beats Antique

Lush, decadent & sexy customizable costumes, designed so that you can build an ensemble out of individual pieces to create a personalized color palette and look. Dedicated to uplifting the feminine spirit through luxurious sultry fabrics, rich vivid colors, & fine, regal & exquisite designs. Tribal Bellydance Costumes, Gypsy Fashions, Sumptuous Ghawazee Coats, Gypsy Pirate Costumes, Medieval Costumes and Classic Timeless Velvet Fashions; Coin Bras, Tribal Tassel Belts, Fringe Belts, Velvet Cholis, Velvet Hip Shawls, Pantaloons, Long Gypsy Skirts, Gypsy Tops, Turkish Vests, Lined Cloaks & Capes, & more fine Velvet Fashions.






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