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About Velvet Peacock Designs

The Business

Velvet Peacock Designs is a woman owned and operated business in Maui Hawaii, USA. Featuring original designs by Tristen Noel. Inspired from timeless fashions, luminous colors, luxurious textures & the sacred songs and dances of the ages.

We are dedicated to uplifting the feminine spirit through sultry fabrics, vivid contrasts of rich colors & exquisite designs. Offering unique, classy, decadent, sexy and elegant customizable costumes and garments that are designed so that you can build an ensemble out of individual pieces to create a personalized color palette and look: Coin Bras, Belts that drip tassels and fringe, Ghawazee Coats, Gypsy Skirts, Velvet Cholis, Velvet Hip Shawls, Turkish Vests, Ghawazee Coats, Cloaks, Pantaloons, Long Velvet Skirts, Gypsy Tops, Lined  Cloaks and more fine Velvet Fashions and Evening Wear.

The Dancer

Tristen Tristen Noel has been a professional Belly Dancer since 1996. She became infatuated with the Middle Eastern Bellydance at age 8 when she and her best friend visited a local Middle Eastern restaurant which featured a dazzling, sparkling and beautiful Bellydancer.

Currently Tristen is an improvisational soloist Bellydancer, having roots in ritual performance art & fire dancing in the early to mid 90’s. Starting out as a professional artist with “Troupe Rose and the Kundalini Theater” in Seattle as a fire dancer. She now fuses American Vintage Cabaret & Tribal Style Belly Dance with her life experiences and inspirations to create an emotional and unique interpretation of the sacred Middle Eastern dance form. Tristen is mostly self taught, although some of her teachers include the world renowned Ansuya Rathor of the Belly Dance Superstars, Mariela, Dawn, Dalia Carella, Jill Parker, Heather Stants, Beka Merrifield and Puela Lunaris. Tristen is currently learning and exploring other dances of the Gypsy Trail, including Flamenco. She has been teaching Bellydance classes since 2004. For more information on Tristen’s classes in Maui please email her through the contact us page.

The Designer

Tristen Noel is the artisan & proprietor of Velvet Peacock Designs. She is a graduate in Fashion Design at the University of Hawaii – Maui Campus. She has been designing and sewing almost all of her life and is a descendant of seamstresses, artists and musicians. Tristen sketched her first medieval bellydance costume at a very young age, and then with the support of her parents had produced her first royal blue satin gown at age 13.

Her exploration in costume and clothing design lies within fusing the ancient styles of dance and culture with modern day flair. She weaves a unique expression of spirituality, creativity, dream and myth, with the intention of celebrating, uplifting and healing through fabric and color. Tristen’s experience and presence brings awareness and special attention to each design and garment.

The Peacock

The Peacock is a beautiful, sensual & dynamic animal. They are a spiritual and medicinal totem, providing insight, elegance, pride, majesty and beauty! This beautiful bird has many legends surrounding its plumage. Greek mythology tells of Hera giving the peacock its many eyes, while Chinese mythos says that the blending of the five colors of its feathers is the sweet harmony of sound. In Egypt, the Peacock is linked to the Sun God Ra. In Islamic tradition & lore the Peacock was guardian of the gates of Paradise. The Chinese equate the Peacock with divinity, rank, power and beauty.

The Peacock is also associated with the Phoenix and resurrection. The Phoenix; a symbol of fire and divinity, which rises & is reborn anew from the flames and ashes of its funeral pyre. The Peacock's loud and raucous call reminds us to laugh at life!  For century’s shamans,  priestesses, spiritualists and practitioners of the occult have used Peacock animal medicine to transfer the powerful magical healing energy of this animal to themselves and to others in need of this commanding animal magic. The feathers were & are used in healing ceremonies and magical rituals to clear and cleanse. The round “eyes” of the feathers are said to give the Peacock vision into the past present and future, and they are seen as the sacred all seeing eyes of the magical world.

 Please see our FAQ page for more information. We love feedback, photos and videos of you or your troupe in our designs.


Medieval Fantasy Costume

Tristen Noel, Artisan and proprietor. Photo by Siobhan Halstead
Velvet Peacock Designs, Tribal Gypsy Bellydance Costume

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